What Can You Do – Property Taxes

  • The most important thing you can do is to vote in any and all School Budget referendums.  Why, because it is the only voting opportunity you ever get on the Budget Process.  You can’t vote on the Municipal side of the budget (Police, Town Administration…..).  A vote against the School Budget is not a vote against having or supporting schools, it is a statement to our Town Council that you do not like the level of spending and the effect on the taxes you pay. It is saying, “go back to the drawing boards and come up with a budget we can afford!”
  • The town does not have to put any budget to referendum.  The way to make sure that they do so is to attend any public hearing/ forum where any budget or spending proposal is discussed. The current new school proposal on January 17, 2016 is such a meeting.
  • Not showing up at the polls is a yes vote for the overall budget and a yes vote for higher taxes. On average only 5% of the town’s 16,000 voters show up and vote.
  • Vote for Town Counselors that support budget and tax fiscal responsibility.  Too often there is a homogenization of the Town Council and School Board where they become one and the same.  Some Town Council members move on to the School Board and vice versa.  Objectivity becomes questionable in this scenario.
  • Voice your opinions at Town Council Meetings and through Emails to your Town Council members.  Like any other form of government, they are being lobbied all the time by individuals and groups. The more voices that demand tax and spending reform, the better.
  • Write articles to local newspapers and other publications.
  • Become educated on what is happening! Local newspapers, the Town Web Site, Town Meetings, this web site, are all ways to find out what is going on around you.